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Our expert massage therapists are here to pamper you and provide the ultimate spa experience. Whether you're seeking stress relief, muscle relaxation, or a soothing escape, we've got you covered. Contact us now to schedule your blissful massage and embark on a journey of tranquility and well-being. Your path to relaxation starts here.

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We believe that the spa journey should be enjoyable and harmonious. However, we also recognize that unchecked greed can undermine this experience. We have a deep commitment to providing a positive and honest environment, which is why we had to intervene when constant reminders and unauthorized activities were causing disruption behind the scenes. Our core value is integrity, and we expect our clients, particularly our masseuses, to also uphold the same principles. Please refrain from engaging in direct transactions with our masseuse, tempting them, or encouraging dishonest behavior. Do not ask for their their personal numbers or social media accounts. Let's work together to maintain the security and authenticity of our spa experience.


Legit FRs with Proof and Actual Screenshots

I brought my friend to try out the Tantra experience. I initially asked Odessa for me and assigned Zein to my friend. As it turned, Zein was in OT. I still planned to get Odessa but when we saw Rhian, I was mesmerized. at any rate, I think I got the better part of the deal as I was leaving the spa contented and so is my friend. Kudos to Rhian for my soothing body ache and leaving me with a memorable smile. A 10 in my book!

Christian Andersen

Good day Madam!!!

It's time 2 have an FR again 2 my LODI NERI. It's been my 15th sign 2 my loyalty card & I've been loyal 2 this lovely girl dahil sa sobrang sweet niya at maasikaso. For me she's a dream girl 2 every man's category bcoz of her attitude. A really gem of ur spa, loved spending heart's day with LODI!

Topher Sanlac

FR ko po Madam kay Bea:

Super po and service feeling ko talaga gf ko ung kasama ko sa kwarto at yung masahe hehe di ko talaga malilimutan lalo na ung es. Di ko pa nasubukan iba niyong thera pero mukhang mag stick na lang ako kay madam Bea. Looking forward na maavail ko ung birthday promo nyo. hehe


I visited the spa without booking, arrived at their place at 3:30pm. Grabe verification nila napagkamalan pako pulis. Accomodating naman sila and since all thera is taken luckily nandun pa si Kate. big thumbs up for her surely babalik pa ako and avail some of their higher package.

Mark Castro